LPR Consulting is a group of behavioral health treatment and insurance professionals focused on facility contracting, in-network status and credentialing practices for managed care reimbursement. We pride ourselves in aligning with like-minded programs nationally who prioritize integrity and patient care followed by solid programming to reach a healthy bottom line. With an adaptive and consistent following of healthcare changes, LPR keeps a solid book of business consisting of insurance contacts and managed care leaders who help navigate the challenges of the credentialing world. Following an introduction and qualifying process, LPR will enter into a business agreement on a consulting basis to manage both the securing of new contracts, rate negotiations where applicable, and even  the supply of proven training manuals to help facilities in their Utilization Review efforts to secure authorization. To set up an initial conference call for collaborative Q&A, please contact Nikki Saurage at (830) 481-7406 or nikki@lotuspeerrecovery.com.